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All our products are Manufactured
in Asturias, SPAIN and thus are
of EU Origin

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Our deep knowledge of Material Science and Industrial Technical Ceramics Manufacturing Processes allows us to deploy relevant competitive advantages, such as the ability to accurately define the design and machining of Green Bodies and predict the dimensional transformation behavior and grain phasing of the material so that, after sintering, the resulting piece does not require longer and more expensive Hard Machining.

From mastering of Nanoceramic powder synthesis, atomization to colloidal routes. From Cold Isostatic Press to Spark Plasma Sintering… We put our skills and passion for ceramics to work in the development of advanced and disruptive solutions, partnering with our customers to deliver the perfect fit to every complex need. Put us to the Test!

bioker medical ceramics

NANOKER has more than 10 years medical device manufacture experience through its associated company BIOKER, ISO 13485 certified:

ISO 13485


Technical Ceramics Manufacture of Components for the Industry

Nanoker manufactures products requiring CUSTOM-MADE SOLUTIONS with extreme toughness and purity, high wear resistance, high corrosion resistance or high temperature stability.

What we do, besides manufacturing

Nanoker Research, S.L is a technological company providing to the market advanced ceramic-based solutions for industrial, biomedical, space and scientific applications.

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