Part of 2nd Go2SpaceHubs Accelerator



At Nanoker we are thrilled to be one of twelve companies selected for the 2nd Go2SpaceHubs Accelerator program.


The Accelerator and the Go2Space Hubs

The accelerator is a high impact program based in the HUB Madrid (Spain) where we will receive, during three months, extensive online training and individualized mentoring in market and investment readiness, reinforcing technology base and reviewing operations management.


The objective of the EU-funded Go2Space-HUBs project is to secure the creation and up-scaling of European businesses, offering technology and services in and from the space sector, ensuring value creation and innovation through cross-fertilisation, training, and locally owned and driven networks and initiatives that connect effectively with existing EU initiatives.


This will be achieved through the creation of 3 Space hubs in Coimbra, Madrid and Tallinn strengthening local entrepreneurship/ business ecosystems & networks. The HUBs have extensive experience in providing support to start-ups and will be supported by entities that are experts on investor readiness & access to finance services, technology transfer, in addition to an aerospace cluster representing SMEs from all the relevant space-segments.

The 6 consortia partners represent key players in the local and regional start-up ecosystem.


Selected participants in Go2SpaceHubs Accelerator Second Edition

We shall also attend sessions on European financing programs, and on the Technology Portfolio of the European Space Agency (ESA). Together with the other participants will also attend networking activities with experts from government, industry, research and investment sectors, and participate in events on the space sector, where we will present our solutions to potential investors and find strategic partners to grow our business globally.


Nanoker Research Participant Data in Go2SpaceHubs Accelerator Program and Team Members


At Nanoker, we have a lot to offer for space-related applications, particularly in the Ultra Stable Materials (Null CTE – Coefficient of Thermal Expansion, and Match CTE – matching the CTE of other substrates and materials in which our pieces are embedded). These materials are particularly interesting in Heat Dissipation, which is seeing widespread use in Power Electronics, a field that is even more relevant in environments such as Space.

But we are going to infinity, and beyond… Just check out our Space-Related self developed and industrialised deep tech materials:


Our Aerospace Advanced Materials


As said, at Nanoker we are thrilled to be one of twelve companies selected for the 2nd Go2SpaceHubs Accelerator program. We have a lot to bring to bear:


UHTCMC: Ultra-high temperature ceramic matrix composites.

From 2016 to 2020 we have developed and succesfully brought to real test conditions a series of advanced ceramic composites for extreme environments with deep tech densification process via SPS (Spark Plasma Sintering). Main uses include Aerospace/Hypersonic and Turbine parts Particularly, on a Next Generation Ceramic Composites For Combustion Harsh Environments And Space. In terms of specific parts, we have experience in plate & tube shaped bodies which can be placed in rocket nozzles’ combustion chambers and as Thermal Protection Systems (TPS) for particularly sensible areas in space and hypersonic vehicles, enduring high levels of stress during launch and re-entry phases.
UHTCMC Composite. Carbon and Silicon Carbide Matrix combined with Zirconium DiBoride

BORON NITRIDE COMPOSITES – Erosion Protection and Insulation Elements

This is a Propietary Development by Nanoker. We carry out in-house production via High Performance Densification via SPS (Spark Plasma Sintering) in a variety of shapes and sizes. We have the unique ability to produce disks up to 400mm diameter. These materials are used in inner and outer walls in spacecrafts’ electrical propulsion systems. Magnetic shielding may substantially increase thruster life without compromising performance by protecting walls from ionized gas erosion. Advanced Composites help solving this problem: BN + Zr + SiC. Other “more terrestrial” applications are: Nozzles for Powder Metal Atomization or Insulators for Very High Temperature Furnaces.
Boron Nitride Composites for Aerospace Applications Nanoker Research

GRAPHITE BASED COMPOSITES – High Performance Heat Sinks & Heat Spreaders

We feature more than 5 years experience in development and manufacturing of industrial parts in these composites, with outstanding CTE Match and Heat Dissipation capacity using SPS (Spark Plasma Sintering) advanced high-densification technology. Among others, our reference product/material is Molybdenum Graphite. Main Customers/Business Partners are CERN (Collimators), OSRAM (Heat sinks for High Power LED Diode). The best suited applications for these materials are POWER ELECTRONICS. i.e. – Diode Lasers, Power Transistor Substrates, LED Substrates, Wireless Communication, Electrical Drives, AEROSPACE Power Supplies, AVIONICS Systems, etc.
High Performance Heat Sinks composites by SPS Densification. Heat Dissipation by Nanoker Research.


Based on the decades’ longlasting SiC (Silicon Carbide) standard for Aerospace Applications, we have advanced in the compounds & composites front, offering better solutions. The main material we produce is an array of Advanced Glass-Ceramics (SiC + LAS – Lithium Aluminum Silicate). The business partners for these composites are mainly companies such as ESA or THALES, which use them as Mirror Substrates for Satellites or in High Precision Optical Components.
Ultra Stable CTE Materials. Null CTE for Aerospace Applications. Mirror Substrates for Satellites. High precision optical components.

Moving forward with Networking and B2B as we look for Market Traction and Growth

We will participate in EACP Virtual B2B Event – Aerospace applications & technologies


The EACP Virtual B2B – Aerospace Application & Technologies matchmaking event brings together companies – buyers as well as suppliers – from a large number of European countries and elsewhere. The European Aerospace Cluster Partnership (EACP) , promoted, among others by European Enterprise Network, provides access to a unique network of more than 4,000 SMEs from Europe. We shall take advantage of this unique opportunity to generate new business contacts. The B2B plattform offers a time and cost-efficient way to generate new leads. Meetings will take place in a dedicated area on the B2Match platform and will be arranged in advance.

This event offers us the opportunity to make valuable contacts and we will profit from it to find new topics for international cooperation along the entire value chain of the aerospace industry. Moreover, the EACP Virtual B2B focuses on innovative SMEs from the aerospace and space sector. The B2B platform will support all players of the branch in establishing new business and research contacts, scouting in different areas.


EACP Virtual B2B Aerospace Applications & Technologies Event June 2021


Some of the Topics which will be addressed and are of special interest for us:


• Components
• Materials
• Disrupting propulsion
• Advanced Manufacturing


Virtual B2B Meetings:


The B2B meeings offer the following advantages to the participants:

• Scout innovations in different areas, suitable to aerospace sector
• Get in touch with potential business partners and providers of innovative technologies from Europe and beyond
• Discuss cooperation possibilities in digital meetings in an informal atmosphere
• Develop and strengthen business and research relationships
• Enter into contact with potential partners for future co-operation
• Establish cross-border contacts for long-term business relationships
• Publish and showcase your products, projects, services or business needs to event participants
• Discover New Products & Services


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