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cold gauging extrusion dye
  • Complete die: insert + support block
  • Shrink fitting
  • Cold gauging dies

Welcome to a New Generation of Materials


Ceramic Matrix Electroconductive Alumina Composite

Electroconductive Alumina Composite (KA-EDM) is manufactured by pressure-assisted sintering (SPS). It is a high toughness electroconductive alumina based composite and suitable for EDM machining. The main properties of KA-EDM are: Suitability for extreme hardness applications, very good dimensional stability, excellent chemical resistance in the most demanding environments.

Oxidic Ceramic Materials for Extrusion Dies

KZY-1000 (Circona-Itria totally established)

KZM Circonia – Mg parcially established


NANOKER makes round dies but other forms are equally possible (rectangular, oval, square, hexagonal). The minimum – maximum dimensions we can offer are an internal diameter of 2 mm and an outter diameter of 120 mm. We are at disposal of the customers to understand their needs and provide the best possible solution. For more details of products and services or to specifically discuss your needs, please contact us.

Cold Calibration Dies

Calibration Gages

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