Our Partnership with CDTI

The Centre for the Development of Industrial Technology (CDTI) is a Public Business Entity, integrated in, and under supervision of the Spanish Ministry of Economy, Industry and Competitiveness, which fosters the technological development and innovation of Spanish companies. CDTI is the entity that channels the funding and supports applications for national and international R&D+i projects of Spanish companies. 

Our General Manager, Samuel Menéndez was recently interviewed by CDTI’s digital newsletter, PERSPECTIVACDTI.

You can find the whole article and interview here. (Please, use the translate option on the upper right part of the page)

Talking to CDTI about Nanoker

“Currently the workforce [of Nanoker] is made up of highly qualified workers, 20% of which work in the R&D department. In addition, an amount in excess of 20% of our annual revenue is reinvested in R&D. As a technology company, we consider this investment as strategic since it allows us to access new markets that, increasingly, demand highly specialized products. Every year we define the degree of risk associated to each different development, and the prioritized distribution of resources that we will dedicate to each one of  hem.

Something very remarkable is that more than 50% of the turnover in 2019 came from the sale of products that we have developed in the last three years ”.

“We must not forget that we move in a very competitive international environment and that makes the level of specialization an essential requirement to respond to the demands of new markets”.

Growth and Strategy

“Our growth strategy is based on accessing new market niches in which it is necessary to integrate knowledge and technology. The critical thing is to be able to sequence and match these developments with different markets so that the result is economically sustainable. We believe that our model can serve as a reference for other young companies that want to develop their business by providing technological solutions ”.

“ Nanoker’s growth is based on the generation of business, in the long term, with clients from sectors as diverse as manufacturers of technical surfaces, automotive or pharmaceuticals. We have a close relationship with them that usually generates stable projects, which, in turn, usually translates into lasting business relationships. We prefer this model but logically we do not turn down other opportunities that arise sporadically ”.

“In recent years we have concentrated our resources on the development and deployment to the market of electro-conductive ceramics that can be machined by EDM, which represents a great advantage for the manufacture of components for applications as diverse as metal forming ( punches and dies) or the sectors of machining tools or components for watchmaking where companies seek to differentiate themselves from their competition ”.

advanced ceramic nanocomposite monoblock dental implant INPERIO
New Monoblock Ceramic Nanocomposite Root Dental Implant developed by Nanoker

Biomedical and our Dental Implant

“We have also developed ceramics for biomedical applications. In the coming years, we will bring to the market the most advanced ceramic dental implant system to date, in terms of design and functionalities. It will be manufactured in an exclusive ceramic composite called INPERIO. It will allow the application of provisionalization and immediate loading protocols in all types of bones, with screwed prosthetic fixation and with the added possibility of including a bacteriostatic vitreous coating to avoid the effects of periodontitis, a disease that affects 50% of adults and that can lead to tooth and implant loss due to bone shrinkage. This development, very important for the company, was part of an SME-Instrument Phase 2 project of the Horizon 2020 program, approved in 2018 and finalized in April 2020 and whose budget amounted to 2.7 million euros ”.

“Currently, we are conducting clinical trials and we hope to enter the European market during the first half of 2022. We are aware of the barrier posed by distribution through professional channels as demanding as the field of dental implantology. Now we are in the phase of looking for partners to accompany us on this path ”.

Large Scientific Facilities (GICs) & SPS Tech

One of Nanoker’s most relevant Feats and ground-breaking achievement has been the awarding and successful supply of the contract for development and production of the absorbers for the collimators in CERN’s Large Hadron Collider (LHC).

“The selection process was tough and demanding. The technical and quality requirements on the final product have been very high but this experience has been very beneficial for the company because it has allowed us to extrapolate the knowledge of these control techniques to other products that we manufacture. I sincerely believe that we have made a leap in quality thanks to this project ”.