Nanoker is participating in the 6th Edition of TECHSHARETechshare pre-IPO Program by EURONEXT

Nanoker joins TechShare 2020-21

Nanoker has just joined a community of 100+ European Tech companies willing to consider the financial markets as part of their financing strategy, through the TechShare Program by EURONEXT.

We applied in October and are thrilled to have been selected for the 6th edition of the program. For us, it’s an exciting and important step towards raising the necessary funding for our ground-breaking tech solutions based on Material Science.


TechShare is the pre-IPO educational training programme by EURONEXT. It helps Tech entrepreneurs to familiarise themselves with capital markets.

With the support of 75 partners from the financial industry, TechShare has trained more than 400 Tech companies since the launch of the programme.

TechShare is currently available in Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Portugal, Spain and Switzerland. It is also a networking enabler, connecting Tech entrepreneurs and capital markets advisors throughout the year.

Selected for their great innovation capacity, participants in TechShare are growing businesses that are active in the Tech industry, which have significant funding needs for their projects and growth, and are likely to consider Capital Markets as an option to raise equity within 2-3 years.

TechShare provides three different modules of knowledge sharing: academic campuses, workshop sessions and individual coaching. The content is provided by committed partners from the financial industry: investment bankers, auditors, lawyers, financial communication and investor relations experts.

From January 2021 to June 2021, Nanoker, with the rest of participants will attend European events, local group sessions but also one-to-one trainings to benefit from customised advice.

Specifically, twice a year, in January and June, academic seminars are organised with prestigious European business schools to encourage networking between partners and participants, as well as interaction through breakout sessions, plenary keynotes and discussions with entrepreneurs.

Interactive courses are held on a regular basis locally by the partners to educate the participants on capital markets. Topics include: why to go public, the IPO process, the legal perspective, the valuation strategy, financial communication, how to attract investors and life as public company.

Throughout the year, all participants receive individual training and tailor-made mentoring with dedicated professionals: auditors, lawyers, financial communication experts. These one – to- one coaching meetings with partners are a unique opportunity for companies to discuss their main challenges.


EURONEXT is the European capital raising centre. It supports companies from local and international blue chips to small and medium enterprises with listing services to meet their specific needs. Issuers in all geographies and from all sectors can grow by raising capital on the regulated markets in Amsterdam, Brussels, Dublin, Lisbon, London and Paris, and benefit from exposure to the exchange’s diverse, international client base.

Euronext is also the largest listing venue for Tech companies in Europe with 479 Tech issuers. In order to facilitate the access to capital markets of fast-growing SMEs, Euronext Growth, labelled SME Growth Market.

SME Growth Market is a tailor-made market compartment with asset managers and retail investors providing liquidity to small and midcaps. With 212 new Tech listings since 2013, Euronext is the most dynamic market in Europe for Tech companies. Euronext also offers the most diverse and international investor base, having more than 1,600 institutional investors in the Tech sector, of which one third is from the US.