We took part in Future 21 by TechTour

What a three-days exciting (even hectic at times…) and fruitful participation we had in Future 21 by TechTour !!

Future 21 is an event gathering key European leading tech entrepreneurs & investors to discuss innovation and new technology opportunities.

Really interesting sessions in streaming with outstanding start-up pitches and reverse pitches by investors, meeting head-to-head… And lots of networking possibilities ready to explore and exploit.



We held more than a dozen direct interviews with experts, potential investors, and other Venture Capital world stakeholders, to whom we could explain our company project and our growth focus based on technology and innovation trying to bring material science solutions to the market. All in Future 21 by  TechTour took place in an agile and quick “speed dating” format.



Brella plattform worked outstandingly and, in perspective it truly seems incredible that such an event and the related interactions could take place totally online and in virtual format.


Grateful to the organization, to TechTour, and to all other participants. A real pleasure. Looking forward to meet again soon!


What is TechTour


The Tech Tour Community started as two separate organisations more than 20 years ago:


  • Europe Unlimited, founded in 1998 by William Stevens in Brussels.


  • Tech Tour, founded in 1998 by Venture Capitalist Sven Lingjaerde in Geneva.


Both realised the need for a trustworthy and transparent environment, in which experts could share best practices and transfer knowledge across a network to identify and support the best emergent technologies in Europe.


Throughout the years Tech Tour and Europe Unlimited have been bringing together the most active corporates and investors in Europe and connecting them with the most promising entrepreneurs to establish smart partnerships and drive innovation. In 2013, Europe Unlimited and Tech Tour joined their efforts and now help entrepreneurs and investors realise their full journey of innovation, from the initial concept all the way through to valuation.


… And why is something like something like Future 21 by TechTour interesting for Us




Tech Tour has since its creation become one of the largest investor-oriented communities in Europe connecting entrepreneurs, investors and corporate partners from across the world. Over 2000 high-tech companies apply and 750 investors take part in about 25 leading tech events held each year.




This fits into our vision of becoming part of the European innovation ecosystem by participating in its dedicated Forums and Institutions. For we believe in the power of partnerships. No small company can envisage a future of growth without building strong and lasting, mutually beneficial alliances, which are forged through networking, cooperation and common visibility.