Welding pins

Welding pins and centering pins

NANOKER manufactures a wide range of welding pins and centering pins for use in the automotive industry, generally associated with resistance welding and hot stamping processes. Since 2011 we proudly and timely supply the main Tier-1 OEM players across Europe.

Our delivery time is a maximum of 2 weeks upon receipt of a new drawing. We can, and as a matter of fact we do work with ready-to-ship-stock in our facilities for various customers, in such a way that delivery to the plant is guaranteed in 48 hours maximum. We also operate with stocks on consignment at the client’s facilities, billing according to declared consumption. We are flexible, with agile logistics, dedicated after-sales service with enormous technical knowledge, and customized payment terms. We have a recently expanded manufacturing capacity of about 50,000 welding and positioning ceramic pins annually.

At NANOKER, we’re specially competitive and efficient in complex pin designs, with threads or internal drilling. Finding the right material that matches your process requirements is the core of our expertise.

The appropriate choice of pin composition and geometry improves customer productivity ratios and increases their cost savings.


By default, and unless otherwise specified we will send you a quotation in all of our available oxidic materials and for different batch/amount sizes.

Please, contact us

We will be really pleased to quote and prepare an offer with complete technical detail on any drawings/specifications of your choice, providing free samples for testing by your Plant Engineering or Maintenance Departments.


Oxidic: Best for anti wear, anti abrasion, impact behavior

Zirconia based materials are hard, chemically inert, stable at high temperatures, and resistant to corrosion, wear and thermal shock. These properties, alongside a correct selection of composition can improve performance over the metal surface treated pin; providing longer life, less maintenance shutdowns and a better surface finish of welded joints which decreases the rate of rejection of the manufactured parts, while enabling great savings in downtimes and maintenance costs of automatic and robotic welding cells.

Non Oxidic


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Ceramic materials are relatively new in the automated welding industry, for instance in the automotive industry, and occupy a still small share. Although many of the automated welding cells still use stainless steel pins, which are cheap, their performance is much worse than ceramic pins. Pins are critical components of the welding and stamping operations. Pin failures cause process destabilization, downtimes, damage to the production assets and other expensive headaches.

The majority of industrial ceramists do not have enough knowledge or reliability to define the design of GREEN MACHINING (in “soft”) and predict the behavior and transformation in composition and dimensions of the material so that, after SINTERING, the result of the piece does not require at all, or only in a small measure HARD MACHINING (much more expensive and long).

All products are easily adapted to existing machines. Prototyping specialists. You are dealing directly with the manufacturer.

NANOKER manufactures pins according to custom-made drawings including standard metric threads as well as mixed ceramic metal pins. Besides positioners, we supply other elements in ANTI-WEAR high performance ceramics (Plates, Bushings), that are highly appreciated for machine components protection and ease of maintenance providing significant savings in interventions and downtimes.

We supply


5 Plants in Spain and one in Sweden.


Two Plants in Spain and one in Poland.


3 Plants in Spain.


One Plant in Spain.


Welding equipment manufacturer in Sweden.


Two Plants in Spain.


Two Plants in Sweden.


Two Plants in Spain



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